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Habig S/S 08 collection gives loving attention to fashion industry

The spring/summer collection 08 is an interpretation of timeless and casual luxury, inspired by the sun, summer, passion and a longing for seemingly endless waters, combined with treasures found while style-searching the company-owned Habig Hut archives. These archives include hats dating from 1865 to 2007, e.g. various bowler hats from around 1900, hats worn by Austrian generals around 1898, the hat of a wedding dancer (wedding riccasoli, Italy, 4th century) and other rarities. Fine materials (e.g. straw, cleverly combined with sophisticated patent leather) reflect youthful elegance with a sense for the practical, the spirit of travel and adventure and the anticipation of encounters on the world’s most beautiful beaches. The collection’s style is characterised by a strongly masculine design, animating and responding to the masculine in the feminine as well as the feminine in the masculine. Designs are harmonious, clean-cut and simple, combined with love of detail, especially with a historical touch. The hats are multi-functional as well as elegant and chic. This exquisite and swanky Habig Hut collection’s signature is a mixture of exclusive and flamboyant, extremely light and fine materials – straw with patent leather, straw with crocodile leather, ostrich leather – as well as a combination of linen and leather. Every hat is an expression of an extraordinary joie de vivre, quality and individuality. Materials have been selected to allow for high wearing comfort: most models can be conveniently tucked into your bag or your luggage so that your must-have accessory will be your perfect companion in your busy life. The collection’s unmistakable signature unites elegance, liveliness, quality and individualism. The combination of clear-cut design paired with flamboyant materials is highlighted by colors used in this collection, which are mostly light, delicate and ethereal (smoke, beige, light green), complemented by details in strong colors (aurora red, kiwi, purple) as well as elements in dusty colors (tobacco, grey, grass-green). The collection was designed in Vienna (Barbara Habig & Cary Kwok) and manufactured in Germany with carefully selected materials. 143 years of headwear… Habig hats looks back on a long tradition of excellence. The Habig family is originally from Freiburg and its family history goes back to the year 1550. Peter Habig moved to Vienna in 1853. He served his 5-year-apprenticeship as a hat maker and became a journeyman. Back then, a single apprentice worked at Habig's small hat shop. Habig Headwear